Mission Statement

Slack Space Colchester is a non profit volunteer run initiative that successfully transform empty shops and buildings into community art spaces, where local artists can present new and exciting work to the general public as well as create a cultural buzz in the town centre.

Our aim is to provide free accessible exhibitions, workshops and events for the general public and also to interrupt and enhance retail footfall in the town centre with art, music and performance.

Volunteer @ Slack Space

Slack Space Colchester is a voluntary community organisation so if you would like to support by offering a few hours every week, every month or just every so often email us at colchesterslackers@gmail.com

Exhibit @ Slack Space

If you would like your work to be considered for a future exhibition, either on its own or as part of an group show then please send an email to colchesterslackers@gmail.com and try to include the following information: -

  1. your name and approximate location;

  1. previous exhibitions, if any;

  1. some pictures of your work (< 1mb each)

  1. mention the number and physical size of the works

  1. mention any special display requirements

  1. explain which exhibition should include them or if they should be in their own show

We will then enter your submission in the relevant show, or set-up a new show in the diary, and contact you again.

Important note: Although Slack Space aims to ensure that there is a constant invigilator presence in the gallery & handle any work to high standard, we are non-commercial organisation and have no regular funding source and so cannot provide free insurance nor pass on any insurance costs to artists.  Please ensure that any work of value is insured before bringing it to the gallery.


Slack Space is a non profit making company limited by guarantee registered in England.

Co. no. 7298471

Chris Clarke - Shaun Dipper - John Livingstone - Paula MacGregor

We use empty shops and offices.